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Construction and Engineering Recruitment

Specialist Construction and Engineering Recruitment Solutions

Construction Recruitment; Engineering Recruitment; Civil Construction Recruitment; Infrastructure Recruitment; Heavy Industrial Construction Recruitment; Building Construction Recruitment – Residential & Commercial.

Stellar Recruitment have specialised in Construction and Engineering Recruitment for 10 years and provide recruitment solutions for both permanent and contract roles.  Within this broad sector we offer the following specialisations: construction recruitment, engineering recruitment, infrastructure recruitment, building recruitment, and civil construction. Our construction and engineering sector predominately operates in Australia and New Zealand, specifically Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Christchurch and Auckland. 

We supply construction and engineering professionals for a range of roles and positions including construction managers, project managers, site managers, civil engineers, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, surveyors, supervisors, construction foreman, building foreman, safety operators, environmental operators, skilled operators and trades personnel.

We also supply staff for labour hire on a contract basis or for permanent employment. We partner with a range of building and civil contractors, consulting and engineering firms on the full project lifecycle from design and feasibility to contraction and completion. These projects include civil construction and infrastructure developments to residential and commercial building and large scale heavy industrial projects.