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Refer a Friend Bonus

Know a job seeker Experienced in the Industries we Specialise in?

We need to hear from you or them!

Stellar Recruitment's Refer a Friend Bonus allows you to earn a $500.00 reward for successfully placed applicants you refer to us. This reward will be paid in the form of a voucher of your choice!

In order to claim their reward, the person referring the candidate must formally refer the job seeker and provide their contact details to us. Additionally, the referred candidate must be successfully placed with a client and complete the 3 month guarantee period for permanent placements and one month guarantee for contract or temporary placements. 

Successful permanent placements for tradespeople and above will earn a reward of $500.00 whilst placements for roles such as operators, sub-trades or similar will earn $300.00! Finally, successful contract or temporary placements will earn a reward of $100.00! 

Participants should note that this reward will only be paid if the person referred is placed within 6 months of the referral.


Referral Policy