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Energy, Oil and Gas Recruitment

Professional Energy, Oil and Gas Recruitment Solutions

Energy Recruitment; Oil and Gas Recruitment; Oil and Gas Operations Recruitment; Oil and Gas Maintenance Recruitment.

Stellar Recruitment has an experienced team of recruiters with strong technical expertise within the Energy, and Oil and Gas Recruitment sector. Our Brisbane-based energy, oil and gas recruitment team fill roles for clients around the world, with a specific focus on the Australian (Queensland), Canadian, Chinese, South East Asian, and Papua new Guinean markets.  

Our oil and gas recruitment team can provide permanent recruitment or contract leased staff across the areas of oil and gas exploration, oil and gas production, oil and gas operations, oil and gas maintenance, and oil and gas refining.

With global networks, we can provide job seekers with a range of employment options and we ensure our valued employers receive the best job seekers for their job vacancy, every time.